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Sunday, June 7, 2020


                            Starring: Samuel Espinoza, Iliana Guibert, Sarah McGuire

                                                   Directed by: Patrick Rea


  Due to the fact that the first-ever horror movie I cut my teeth on at the tender age of six was The Exorcist (thanks for that, Mom), possession movies have held a close place to my heart. When director Patrick Rea contacted me about checking out his latest short film, Spiritual Practice I jumped at the opportunity with no reservations whatsoever (thanks for the offering, Patrick).

  This 10-minute quickie focuses on a priest (Espinoza) who has been thrust into the unwelcome territory of exorcising a demon from a woman that is chained to a bed, and it looks as if there's plenty more work to be completed in time, but I don't want to spill too many details for you all. From the short film's beginning, you get reeled in on a holy ride to cleanliness, which of course is next to Godliness...well, maybe not in this particular instance, but it's a nice trip to take even if the fiery flames of Hell are involved.

 Rea, whose previous feature-length haunts include Nailbiter and Arbor Demon is no stranger to the short-film method, and he masterfully creates something here that could potentially stretch out into something extensive in nature (if he chose to, of course). At this time it's currently unknown as to when this will be released to the public, but as soon as we're able to confirm the news we'll be sure to pass the info along to you all.

FILM SCORE: 3.5 out of 5

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