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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

As good as Ded

Newly released on Amazon - DedKode - Ghost Imaging and DedKode - C2C!  Follow the adventures of zombie hacker DedKode for only $0.99 each eBook!   

Devon Collier is three things - he is the famous white hat "hacktivist" known as DedKode, he is foul-mouthed & opinionated and most recently, he is a cursed young man, killed and resurrected as a zombie with a will of his own. After discovering a menacing dark presence on the World Wide Web, DedKode and his team search for an answer to stop the force known as "SpookNet." Along their way, DedKode, James Palladino and the Kanapilly sisters help whomever they can from the supernatural dangers hiding behind technological trappings.

When DedKode meets Mari, a mysterious young woman with a love of butterflies, he becomes driven to help her discover who she is and perhaps more importantly - why she is a ghost and who murdered her??? HAS MATURE LANGUAGE & SITUATIONS. 

When two IT students uncover unnatural evidence of their friend’s unusual disappearance, DedKode and his team investigate a mysterious cam model named SisikaBC. She is sensual, alluring and everything anyone could ever desire. However, DedKode will discover that she may be more than just sexy but also deadly…and demonic. HAS MATURE LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS. FOR MATURE READERS ONLY. PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

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