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Monday, November 4, 2019


               Having burst upon the horror scene in 1989's Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers, Tamara Glynn provided fans of the genre a face that the ladies could root for, and the fellas to swoon over. Here we are in the good ol' 2019, and "Big Sis" (as I've called her for years) will be leading the charge against that nasty, grease-painted clown that everyone's come to love - NO, I'm not talking about the Joker!! I mean Art the Clown from Terrifier! In any event, Tamara was sweet enough to give us a few minutes to discuss her participation in the film as well as what she's got coming up next, so settle in, read on and enjoy the words that "Big Sis" is droppin' on ya!


ZT: So you're a part of Terrifier 2 - how awesome is that?

TG: Can you believe it? The weird thing is that October 30th was the 30th anniversary of Halloween 5, and 30 years later I'm going to be in Terrifier 2, the top trending horror film - it's crazy! I'm such a huge fan of Damien Leone (director) and David Howard Thornton (Art the Clown). I messaged Damien on Instagram last year after seeing Terrifier on Netflix and told him how much I loved the film. It had that edgy, retro, dark look to it, and Damien's concept along with David bringing it - they killed it! I really don't know too many filmmakers that could do what he did with that film and get by with it. 

ZT: You'll also be working alongside Felissa Rose - correct?

TG: Yes - Felissa (Sleepaway Camp) and also Jason Lively (Night Of The Creeps) - I feel honored and blessed to be a part of this. I've been friends with Michael & Jason Leavy since 2012, and their production company, Fuzz On The Lens Productions - they'll be serving as producers for Terrifier 2 - they're just amazing. They directed "Halloween 60" (a parody), and they've got a film out on Amazon Prime right now called Abnormal Attraction, and they just kick ass. Damien's got one hell of an amazingly talented team around him.

 ZT: We know you're busy and have one hell of a travel schedule ahead of you coming up, so we won't keep you any longer, but before we let you go - anything else you can plug or give us a little info on what you've got going on?

TG: My friends who are investors actually opened a gluten-free bakery called Spooky's Swirls in Phoenix, Arizona (co-owned by James Azrael of the H.S.P.P.A - Horror and Sci-Fi Prop Preservation Association) - it's a great business and I'm glad to help support. (Tamara was there on Halloween night). After that, I'll be flying out to L.A. for a table read for my web series that starts shooting in Omaha on December 26th until January 7th, 2020. I've got 2 conventions in February then I'm back in Chicago after that working on Daniel Emery Taylor's new film, Repulse - it's about human trafficking and Paul Taylor (Hellraiser: Judgment) is cast in it as well. It's gonna be a little busy! (laughs)

ZT: I'm still waiting to hear what's up with Savage Vengeance - the pics that have been posted look amazing - what's up with the progression on that?

TG: Jake Zelch is the director,  and I just wrapped my role back about a month ago in St. Louis, and he's got a few more scenes to pick up, and it's in the editing process right now. I'm super excited about that one! Jake is extremely passionate and committed about the horror genre - I was a producer on this one as well - can't wait for everyone to check it out!

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