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Saturday, October 19, 2019

TRICK (Film Review)

                                        Starring: Omar Epps, Ellen Adair, Kristina Reyes

                                                     Directed by: Patrick Lussier


     Consider Patrick Lussier's Trick one of those Halloween films that should sit somewhere in the middle of your "must-see" list this Autumnal Equinox - while not one of the best films to showcase slashers and their actions, it's still a worthwhile watch to partake in while consuming mass-quantities of sugary sweets served up in a plastic pumpkin.

  I think since we're (somewhat) on the same wavelengths here that we can chuck plausibility and rational action to the side for 100 minutes of this film's runtime - it's simply fun for horror fans, regardless of how things go down in the movie itself. A bullied teenager, aptly named "Trick" uses the sharp end of things in order to exact revenge upon his tormentors...and basically everyone else that gets in the way of things. Starring the well-traveled Omar Epps as Denver, the dogged Detective pursuing the killer and comedian Jamie Kennedy (no stranger to horror films himself) as an Emergency Room doctor who has seen his share of Trick's handiwork. The movie shows the slasher's origins and after just a short year he's still stabbing away with furious and relentless commitment. Could this still be the same killer who was supposedly shot and killed by Detective Denver 12 months ago? Watch and see, my slimy crawlers - only time will tell.

 Ellen Adair and Katrina Reyes provide strong supporting work (although they do carry many scenes), and there's even a fantastic piece of work here by Mr. "Thrill Me!" himself, the legendary Tom Atkins as a local businessman who simply makes every film he's in that much better. Blood and gore are at the forefront here, and as hounds of the crimson it can be used to supplant the completely ludicrous plot behind this entire presentation - as I said earlier, however, it's the suspension of disbelief that'll get you through. At the end of it all, Trick is simply bloody good fun - just don't dig too terribly deep and we'll all enjoy this blessed holiday that's soon upon us. The film is currently available on DVD and streaming services as of October 18th.

RATING: 3 out of 5

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