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Saturday, October 19, 2019

No Bulliez, Pleaze

I love incorporating a little "Jedi mind trick" into my parenting. Using the spirit of halloween and love of zombies, now is the perfect time to read a book with your loved ones about the importance of treating people we are around with kindness. Enter Chad Hunter's new book, Zack and the Zombie No Bulliez Pleaze.

Chad has been busy sharing his values and latest book in schools and online. It's the story of Zack and how an unlikely friendship must face a mad scientist's zombie army! Visit the Zack and the Zombie website to learn more and make a purchase. The new book can also be found on allowing you to take advantage of your holiday wish lists!

When Zach Graves helps a classmate at school, he has no idea that more bullying trouble is on its way - in the form of a zombie army made by a mad scientist! A bigger surprise is the green friend that will help Zach do the right thing! This anti-bully, pro-friendship book is a great tool towards helping the bullied and opening dialogue with children!

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