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Friday, September 13, 2019


                               Starring: Adam Duggan, Sara Heddleston, Amy Davies

                                               Directed by: Seth Breedlove

     There are urban legends made to entertain, and there's straight-up stories designed to make ya shoot cheeze-whiz out the back of your shorts - somewhere in between those two dichotomies lies Momo: The Missouri Monster, the latest film from director Seth Breedlove. The movie is actually in documentary-form and is meant to pay tribute to those schlocky monster flix that used to dominate the airwaves back in the 70's, so let's dive into this one and see if we can obtain that "puckered-butt" feeling, shall we?

  "Blackburn's Cryptid Casefiles" is the investigative-tv show that's the centerpiece here, and the supposed rediscovered movie is from the year 1972, which coincides with the tale of a three-toed creature that roamed Louisiana, Missouri (no, it's not a Kardashian). The show's host, Lyle Blackburn does his best to convey the story to his audience via interviews with witnesses and film clips abound - it all works as somewhat of a casefile that aficionados of these supposed scare-stories will cater to. There are plenty of "first-hand" sightings and information from a cavalcade of interesting personalities here, with many performing at their best over-the-top performances. What works the best is the notion that the film intentionally tries to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, leaving your end-all decision of whether or not Momo was indeed an actual-factual or something drawn up in the hopes of sparking a bit of controversy.

  Overall, the film is a fun watch for those who want to be thrown back to the days of their youth, and if you were lucky enough to be brought up in a time where you were blessed with such campiness on air, then Momo: The Missouri Monster should be one for you to check out. It'll be available on DVD and multi-platforms on September 20th, so if you've got the time and need for something a bit hairy and sharp in the fangs, give this one a look!

 RATING: 3 out of 5

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