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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Grab the Zombie Blues for Pre-Halloween Fun

It's finally time to bask in the greatness known as "Fall". So, grab your apple cider or pumpkin spice, wrap yourself in a hoodie, grab a book, and enjoy the crisp air. Fall means "Halloween" and Halloween means "Zombies"! So, let us provide you with your Halloween pre-game entertainment. You're welcome.

"Zombie Blues" by Dorothy Emry is a collection of nine stories to keep you cozy and help prepare you for our favorite holiday. You can grab a copy on paperback or eBook now. If you're patient and have the ability to read Kindle books, you can download a free copy on from Sunday, Oct 6 to Tuesday, Oct 8.

From Amazon:

Apocalypse got you down? Lines at the supermarket and rush hour traffic might be non-existent, but avoiding those pesky, flesh-eating undead can sure be a hassle. Find out what others are doing to cope with the zombie blues in nine short stories that offer a slightly cockeyed look at life in the apocalypse.

A disgraced psychologist observes and records holiday shoppers' increasingly disturbing behavior in "Stress of the Season.” A horror film actress finds her true calling after the walking dead become a reality in "Diary of a Professional Screamer." An undead socialite refuses to give up being chic, though it may be harder to get reservations at the more fashionable restaurants in "And Her Little Dog, Too." A Chicago bluesman carries an axe of another kind in "Jasper Wills and the Zombie Blues."

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