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Thursday, September 5, 2019

AS HUMAN AS ANIMAL (Short film review)

                                    Starring: Diamond Dallas Page and Kristina Klebe

                                                   Directed by: Kristina Klebe


    "Never doubt the power in the storytelling of one that's immersed themselves in horror." - Okay, so that isn't really a famous fact I just made it up. Sounds good though, right? Anyhoo - I truly believe that someone who has been in and around the camera (and in this case, in front of it) can truly have their finger on the pulse of what makes a film fan's heartbeat quicken, regardless of the genre. Kristina Klebe, who burst upon the scene in the 2007 Rob Zombie re-imagining of the Halloween franchise (and has had a multitude of fantastic portrayals) hops in the director's chair for what was her first short film back in 2012.

  Recently released through the "Alter" channel on YouTube (you all NEED to subscribe to this channel, seriously), the 4-minute short is called As Human As Animal and stars former pro wrestler and current yoga guru "Diamond" Dallas Page as a man who appears to be unsettled, all the while in a place of his own solace. He's clearly got some issues to iron out, and we're all front row for the subsequent morose instances to follow. Klebe (who also hops in front of the lens for this one), surely knows how to construct something both visually beautiful, all the while maintaining a foreboding sense of suffocating morbidity - this is some demented stuff, and I honestly can't applaud her enough for the job well done.

 So there ya have it in a cracked nutshell - get your buns on over to YouTube and hunt this one down for sure - better yet, I"ll chuck the link to the short down below for you - just make sure you give up the four minutes of your day to give it a look, and ask yourself this question: "what does man truly hunger for?"

FILM RATING: 4 out of 5

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