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Friday, November 30, 2018

Zombie GG Allin's Deathiversary Bust

Purveyors of the Throbblehead, Aggronautix, have gifted fans of GG Allin a unique collectible this holiday season. The first of its kind, this "Deathiversary" bust commemorates the 25th anniversary of GG Allin's death. The GG Allin 25th Deathiversary Bust is hand-painted resin and limited to only 500 pieces.

The zombiefied GG Allin bust is a fitting tribute for this... unique... artist. The details are impressive with a solid sculpt full of grotesque textures and the paint applications to highlight them. Corpse eating worms, pustules, and torn flesh will impress and appeal to zombie collectors as well as fans of GG. For a resin piece, it has some weight. As someone who has chipped a collectible or seen one fall victim to other mishaps, I appreciate the added durability while maintaining quality and limiting the edition size. Credits belong to Lou Rusconi (illustration), Arlen Pellitier (sculpt), and Eddie Bradley (detail).

Would you like an opportunity to win the bust we reviewed? Help us thank Aggronautix by checking out their enamel pins, art, and collectibles. Then, send us an email with your address to and add "GG" as the subject. The winner will be contacted the weekend of Dec 28th. If you would like some Zombies and Toys stickers and goodies, mention "swag" in your email and we will send you some!

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