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Friday, August 28, 2015

The Undead to Hit the High Seas!

Todd Jepperson

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought to yourself, "You know what I'd really like to do? I'd love to be locked in a 13 story floating tuna can with about 1,000 hungry zombies." No, I'm not talking about a movie here, I mean, yeah, that's been done before, but did you think you could really jump on a boat and sail it straight to hell?


Well, this is awkward.

Anyway, I guess there's this new thing now where all of these cruise lines are booking zombie themed cruises of the damned and it's kind of awesome. Check it out. It kinda started last year when Royal Caribbean International lost their Allure of the Seas cruise liner to the legions of hungry dead in November. The ship sailed for 7 days and spread the infection from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Labidee, Haiti and Fallmouth, Jamaica. On-board were a bunch of notables in the zombie world ranging from groups like Zombie Squad, friends of Z&T, including author Jonathan Maberry, makeup artists Shallyn Bodnar and Kelly Smith who both graduated from the Tom Savini Special Makeup Effects school of hard knocks, and even fitness trainer Lisa Johnson so that you could get yourself in run for your life shape.

Some of us missed out on that one, so then comes the Walker Stalker cruise and we were all excited. $750 gets you on board the Norwegian Pearl with your favorite stars from AMC's production of Bob Kirkman's The Walking Dead. This one is a three-day trip from Miami to Nassau with live panels, photo ops, makeup experiences, and all of the food and drink you can stuff in your ravenous gullet. Although you haven't missed the boat yet, all reservations for this one are full already. However, you can jump in on a waitlist just in case there is someone who comes to their better senses and backs out of their spot.

Now's the good news.

We're talking zombies here. Infection. Pestilence. Spreading of pathogens.

It caught on. Now, through a company called LashCon Cruises, zombies are sailing all over the world. Their Euro Zombie Cruise can be booked all the way up until January 1st, 2016 and will be crashing places like Barcelona, Rome, Capri, Southhampton, Paris, and Bruges. Also, the Zombie Island Cruise is scheduled for a March 2016 departure out of Orlando. Details about this one are scarce, but there is a really cool chance to win a "Zombie Edition" 2016 Kia Soul.

From the website:
"Seventeen years ago, the apocalypse occurred, changing life on Earth, forever. The global zombie infestation spread rapidly, overwhelming any attempts by the Center for Disease Control. The undead now populate the earth with an undying hunger for human flesh. We must return to our origins, we must return to Zombie Island 

While mindless and concerned only with consumption, these creatures are clever and diligent in their pursuits. Your mission is to destroy all zombies and save the few remaining humans that might aid in your fight. Travel through many lands to rid the world of this new species and try to save the human race.

While on the ship the Captain told us that there might be survivors on an uncharted island, in 3 days we will send a team to check it out, we will report back to the ship of our findings."

So, grab your gear, jump on board, and sail the seven seas with all of this zombie cruise mayhem. 

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