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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Step Right Up!! This Way To The Zombie Circus!

Matt Boiselle


There's a cold wind blowing through the fairgrounds, chilling the body to the bone, and far across the midway is the sound of howling, groaning and assorted noises...could be screaming. Now for those who possess the guts to investigate, you'll be greeted at the ticket gate by an usher who'll escort you through the blackened swamps of New Orleans and into one of the most frightening circuses you could NEVER have hoped to witness. So who'll be the first to come forward and experience this macabre mix of undead clowns, magicians, and various allotments of rotted talent?

From artist and writer Barry Barnes comes "Zombie Circus" - a children's book that is meant for adults (I mean you could show your child if paying for years of therapy is your thing). The book is actually a tale about lost love, and the creation of the circus, spanning from the bayous of NOLA, to the theaters of New York City. This small hardcover copy contains numerous illustrations of the show's performers and has some frightening yarns to keep the fans of the fetid aptly satiated, and is prefaced by an introduction from William Stout.

So, if a trip to the carny's compound is in the cards for you, then feel free to glide on over to to grab your copy - there are two versions available: the hardcover book itself, and a limited edition that comes with an assortment of deadly fun goodies (greeting cards, gift tags, a circus brochure, and tons more) - the site also sells things like decorative silk screens and wooden purses for that favorite dead chick in your life (or afterlife). So what are you waiting for? Drag your bones on over and pick up some goodies...unless you DON'T want to leave the circus?

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