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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Ultimate Zombie Pin-Up Collection Has Come Home!!

Matt Boiselle


   When calendars simply won't cut it visually, and the need to turn pages while you fixate from image to image weighs heavily on the demented mind...then we all owe the headmistress of the dead: Jess Rajs and the rest of the undead army at Gorgeous & Gory a big ol' kiss on the rotted cheeks for unearthing one of the finest collections of zombie pin-ups in one book that the world has ever seen. Actually, when I think about it, this MIGHT be the only one in the world - how's that for rarity??


   "Gorgeous & Gory: The Zombie Pinup Collection" is 208 pages thick of both full-color and b&w photos that will set your eyes on fire, and make your ice-cold blood thaw. Over 240 photos in all, with the majority acting as a compendium from the ladies' past 4 calendars - we've got decomposing dames posing in the skimpiest swimsuits while portraying moldered mermaids, and putrefied princesses teetering on the sharpest stilettos as they invade a run-down motel, all the while searching for that ever-elusive gray matter to munch on. Each pic is large, glossy, and so full of life (or death) that you feel as if you could almost smell the spoilage of the flesh. Added to the bevy of buxom beauties is a fantastic pictorial of behind-the-scenes shots that give the reader a little peep-show at just how much work goes into a production such as the ones these beauties put on for YOU, the voracious viewers.


   Jess Rajs, who also fills her busy schedule as a fashion photographer and editor/photo retoucher, model & columnist for "Rebel Ink" magazine, devotes her heart and energy into the zombie universe as well, and this book is an exact outcome of that passion. I could fill this article with DOZENS of pictures of these reanimated sultanas from beyond the grave, but that would completely defeat the purpose of you picking up one of these books, so get your calcified fingers to type this address:


             What in the name of the upcoming apocalypse are you waiting for...a rescue team to come in and save you from this marauding band of stunning zombie vixens?? You MUST be mad....hell, you'd have to be to pass this opportunity up - you technically need to refresh your calendar every year, but with this hardcover omnibus of the damned, this assemblage of living-dead girls can remain on your coffee-table forever...that is, until they show up at your door for dinner. - ENJOY!!

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