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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Ultimate Infographic for Survival - READ ON !

Matt Boiselle


   Attention all bookworms -if you're one of those "I'd rather read about it rather than jump into it", then this article is definitely for you. Many thanks go out to the REI Outdoors Outfitter group and their ultra-creative team of survivalists who have put some serious brainpan-purging into an ultra-informative infographic that will prepare even the most stubborn zombie-apocalypse "know-it-alls" dead in their tracks. From the proper attire, to life-saving first aid knowledge, to the most effective undead-termination techniques, this graphic even has a separate reference section down below that contains all pertinent information for all page-turners & cinefiles when you need that extra bit of appointed data. So, if you feel as if your zombie-armageddon plan just isn't coming together, then feel free to check out the graphic at

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