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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Buckets of fun!

Tom "The Cleaver" Sievers

           No joke I was surprised by the size and volume of this quite literal Bucket Of Zombies, and we got your exclusive look right here at

Measuring in at roubgly 2 and a half inches there are increbibly detailed, from the shriek or terror to the instestines in ones mouth using it like floss.
Here we can see the packaging that the lot of critters comes in.

                    You can see some detailed work on the characters. Now even though they only come in the white and grey, I really didn't mind, only becuase these are insanely awesome. I can only describe the Zombies as somethingsimilar to the Trioxin Zombies we came to know and love from the 80's.

                                                     Yep that's an axe in that dudes head.

Aside from Zombie they even put in some dead pets, half a torso or two and even Survivors!

You may be asking yourself. Hey Cleav! How can I get my hands on some of those sweet sweet buckets of dead fun and games.?

                Click the ole' linky-link right here.---->Bucket O' Zombies<-----

             So if you all will excuse me I will now be incorperating these figures into my other Zombie Board gmes and maybe playing in the yard with my nephews Army Men.
Stay Tuned for my upcoming lust of MUST SEE NETFLIX Movies and a review of "Z-Boat"

Until next time Fiends...STAY AWAY FROM YOUR WINDOWS.

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