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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Walt Disney would be proud of these zombie-slayers !

Matt Boiselle

          Who ever said that the beauty and grandeur that is Disney is only limited to the happiest tales, complete with cutesy-pie animals and dulcet-toned melodies ? If you look at it from an apocalyptic standpoint, EVERYONE will potentially be affected when that fateful day comes and all people, near and far, will be faced with the prospect of the true do-or-die survivalist mentality....and we do need some solid heroes to protect us all.....and that's where Walt's crew comes stormin' in.


     If some of the characters in these pictures seem awfully familiar to you, then you're not alone - credited to DeviantArtist Kasami-Sensei, some of Disney's most beloved and iconic figures have undergone a transformation of sorts - bypassing the contented & mirthful psyche that has cemented their place in animation lore, and toughening their outer shells to that of a hardened band of doomsday protectors. Buzz Lightyear, Woody & Jesse from the Toy Story series certainly have lost that gleeful plaything-chest demeanor, now sporting the 1000-yard stare as they ready themselves to dole out some zombie-bashing justice.

    Who could forget adorable little Ariel and her true love Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid ?.....well, innocence is gone, Jack - the little girl who lived "under the sea" and just wanted to be "part of your world" frankly looks a little sick of the world she opted to grow feet for, and she now is firmly planting those tootsies in the ass of any slobbering skin-chewer that happens to stumble her way....I gotta admit, I like this Ariel MUCH MORE.

   Even Princess Tiana, much like Mulan, has taken on the Michonne-clone-style katana killer look, and I'm diggin it - NO MORE HAPPY SONGS FOR THESE SOVEREIGNS !!

  Finally, fresh off their historical box-office slaughtering, we have Anna & Elsa from Frozen - these two icy popsicles have ditched the snowy landscape from whence they came, and have opted to brave the hell-fire of the apocalypse to dispatch some chilly chastening to those long departed from this earth. You can view the remainder of this killer gallery (and there are A LOT more pics) by hitting the link below, and prepare to kiss the sweet images of your youth GOODBYE, for this is war upon the undead, NOT A FRIGGIN SING-A-LONG !

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