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Monday, March 24, 2014

A new brew to wake the dead ? I "kid" you not - read on !!

Matt Boiselle


        There is nothing like cracking open a cold one and relaxing after a long day, whether it be the stress of your job getting you down, or maybe you just happen to be one of those "suds connoisseurs" that needs to search high & low for that ultimate blend of barley & hops that sets your taste buds ablaze, and gives you that eased-back feeling.....or do you need to quaff down a pint or two after slaying some decayed dead-risers ?

   Look no further lager-lovers, because if it's a different brew that your hunting for, then feast your beer-goggles on Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewing Walker Beer - it's a delicious (I'm only saying that because I haven't tried it yet) mix of malted wheat, barley & flaked oats infused with a refreshing hint of cranberries and smoked goat brains.......I DID NOT MISS TYPE.....SMOKED GOAT BRAINS round out the collection of ingredients that will surely provide one of the most unique tastes of chill that you've ever pitched down your gullet. "Dock Street Walker" comes packing a 7.2% ABV that after a few, will have you shuffling and shambling along like one of the undead.

   The beer itself will debut on March 30th, just in time for the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead - and who knows, maybe the happy-go-lucky, all-too-hospitable heads of "Terminus" will serve this grog at their first official group meal. In closing, we all love the beers that after a few chugs, make you say "aaaaaahhh", but could you potentially down a bottle of the pale ale that will make you go "BAAAAAHHHH" ? 


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