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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Zombie/Apocalypse 2012: book review

Matt Boiselle

 Sometimes all you need is a fresh take on a topic that has been beaten down EXCESSIVELY over the past few years in order to rejuvenate your interest in that particular subject matter. Let's face it, there really isn't a whole lot more that can be said or done to give the whole "zombie armageddon" issue a new lease on life....or is it death ?

Author Ian McClellan has in fact given the aficionados of the undead reason to breathe again with his book titled "Zombie/Apocalypse 2012" - which meshes both the idea of an impending outbreak pertaining to the flesh-eating masses & the problematic situation we are currently facing here in the good old U.S. of A., thanks to our hard headed political leaders that continue to blindly flush the hopes & dreams of American citizens down the crapper (rant OVER.) The story follows Lance, an unemployed former factory worker and his trials & tribulations, pre & post cataclysm. He loses his wife & friends to the massacres that ensue (God rest their souls - you will become VERY familiar with that statement in this book) - and he sets out in order to protect himself and the very little that he has left.

But please don't look at this tale as a vehicle of sadness - there is enough humor in McClellan's storytelling to keep you laughing for hours. His ability to inject heavy doses of levity into several different scenarios only adds to the affecting & engaging read that this book promises to be. The heads of state & country here are poked fun at with merciless abandon, and deservedly so - after a while, you'll forget who the brain dead zombies truly are. McClellan has a gift for taking a scene and wrapping it around the reader, enveloping you as if your sitting front row on Lance's directionless voyage to both political & automaton refuge.

I found this a lively book to eyeball, and kept myself glued to the pages simply due to the notion that if you started to lag with the whole "apocalypse" storyline, you had the "Average American's" rage against the bureaucratic machine, which surely comes off as less-than-P.C. If it's a true political horror story that you are yearning for, then "Zombie/Apocalypse 2012" should be your platform - it gets my vote !

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