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Friday, November 8, 2013

Life Tracker: DVD review

Matt Boiselle

     Let me preface this review by stating that the following isn't a zombie movie, but we here at Zombies & Toys love the opportunity of checking out new read on if ya wanna !!

    Imagine a world where a company existed that could systematically predict biological events in your life ? Always wanted to know if you were going to contract a disease ? Or have a baby ? More so, would you want to know the results of specific findings ?......could you handle it ?

  Director Joe McLean has thrown this possible scenario in our faces in his new thriller called "Life Tracker", about documentary filmmaker Dillon Smith (Barry Finnegan), and his anti-completest issues (once he starts something, he CAN'T finish it). He surmises that an interview-style project along with his best friend (Matt Dallas) and his girlfriend (Rebecca Marshall) is the best route to take in order to delve into this utterly interesting (and at times, perplexing) database. The founder (and funder) of Life Tracker, "eccentric" Richard Hutchensen ("eccentric" is a NICE term for a rich person that's a wee-bit loony) starts to rake in the profits as word of the documentary spreads, and more & more customers come through the doors. After a short while, our 3 budding film-school rejects decide to have a DNA read of their own completed....mistake or not ?

  Now, the only thing that Life Tracker cannot disclose is the biggest biological event in one's life...and that is death...right away that is. After a period of time, it becomes fairly easy to forecast a visit from the Grim Reaper himself, and that adds a whole new dimension of creepy to this movie. I won't go into too many more details here, but don't expect to get scared - it's merely the idea of knowing what could possibly be a peek into the future's crystal ball is what gives you that unsettled semblance in your gut. Performances here are middle-of-the road at best, if you like broadcast-style presentation that almost has that "found-footage" setup to it. Dillon's amateurish use of the camera at first mirrors his knowledge of the company's motive - as he comes to grips with what is going on, he begins to wield his video capturer as a finely-honed weapon (with some shakes and spits here and there).

  Overall, this is a decent film, one for those that are into the whole "science gone mad" aspect - I wouldn't necessarily say that this is one of those multiple-watch kinds of films, but if you have the curiosity crawling at the pit of your stomach, and ponder at the thought of having your history predicted for you, then "Life Tracker" is the movie for you....I mean it COULD happen, right ?........right ?

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