Friday, October 4, 2013

World War Z sequel will have a new director - will it work ?

Matt Boiselle

    Love it or hate it, you simply cannot deny the success of Brad Pitt's feature vehicle, World War Z - based on author Max Brooks's novel of the same name. Over budgeted, rewritten and plagued with creative differences that would have shut down a lesser film, we as a collective watched this movie from inception to reception on a global scale, and NOW we are headed face-first into a potential least that's what Mr. Pitt has been stating.

  One thing is for sure, and that is whether we will be staring down a rampaging cinematic feature of "sequalic proportions" (I made that phrase up), it will be done WITHOUT the leadership of the man that directed the original film. Marc Forster, lead helmer of World War Z has informed the remainder of Plan B Studios that he will not be returning to the throne for Part 2...or Part Deux....or Part II..(whatever). Pitt has stated previously that it was ALWAYS in the plans to put forth a sequel, but there are "numerous ideas that need to be culled".

   We here at Zombies & Toys will remain firmly in touch with any and all news regarding the directorial search, and subsequent story lines, script, budget, infighting, delaying, and whatever else could serve as a roadblock on the way to this movie being served up on the big screen.


  1. Unlike Foster's Quantum of Solace, I found the set pieces in WWZ to be varied, easy to follow and never overlong. Whether that is the doing of Foster or his editor I don't know, but in the end I was pleased with the result. However, given the issues that plagued the original film behind the scenes, and the plethora of talented directors out there, I don't believe his participation essential. Brad Pitt's either.

    It felt to me that WWZ was an adaptation not of the entire book, but of a couple of its chapters, and would like to see more chapters adapted for subsequent sequels, looking at what happened in other parts of the world while Brad Pitt was going on his adventure. This would also allow them to sidestep the resolution of the first film, which appears to neuter the zombie threat.

  2. They never seem to translate books to movie very well. It could have been much much better. The talent pool was under par and the head liner brad pitt was a joke he's about as good as Nicolas Cage. I guess he still has some sex appeal to the 40 somethings. If they come out with another one maybe it will be better but I'll save my $ for redbox.


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