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Friday, October 11, 2013

Gorgeous and Gory's 2014 calendar - check into this motel, and you won't want to check out !

Matt Boiselle

    The year 2013 brought on many things that would make the casual observer cringe with trepidation with the prospect of a future that seems to be on very unstable ground - we've faced more unemployment, medical insurance catastrophes...and even now, our own government is on hiatus. We all know that we can't focus on the negative forever...all we can do is watch the days pass by...and with this nuclear-hot calendar taking up real estate on your wall, you'll love to face the coming months ahead as well !

   From the ultra-creative (and undeniably beautiful) Dead Flesh columnist Jess Rajs & designer Sean White comes Gorgeous & Gory's 2014 12-month zombie pin-up calendar that will make even the deadest of the dead rise and shamble to gaze at the stunning array of stiletto-clad sultanas contained inside this annal. Armed with a team of  artists from Tom Savini's Makeup Effects Program ( Dylan Floody & Jeanette Milo) and Zombie Walk Icon Sarah White, this marks the 4th consecutive year that we, the zombie loving collective, have had the opportunity to bless our walls with vivacious vixens who have met an untimely demise (and ensuing resurrection), suited up in the sexiest of vestments, and stared back at us with those desirable (yet decomposed) peepers.

  This years' theme is titled "No Vacancy", and it appears that all of these ravenous bombshells have made their way to a roadside motel to reside....and devour any guests that may check in. Each calendar opens up to a majestic 12"x 24" when stretched out, and black metal binding holds the pages together...the only wish is that the fastener is heat-treated, because the pix inside will melt your ocular cavities when fixated upon for too long.

   The calendar can be purchased at for $30.00, and that's not all you can pick up - they are also offering the previous 2 years' calendars for 15 bucks a pop, or you can grab all 3 for the low price of $50.00 - you could plaster your wall with the sexiest cadavers this side of the graveyard ! Visit the website and put your order in now, and just remember to take solace in knowing that no matter what the world's problems may be in 2014, these dead chicks will ALWAYS be seductive !

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