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Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 Fort Walton Beach Zombie Walk - it was a THRILLER !!

Matt Boiselle

      What better way to celebrate a good old fashioned zombie walk that not only entertained multitudes of the fans of the undead, but helped out a worthy cause along the way, topped off with a little graveyard shuffle !

     The 5th Annual Fort Walton Beach Zombie Walk took place this past October 19th and drew hundreds of good-hearted "zombies" that graciously donated canned foods in order to shamble through downtown before reaching their final destination and breaking out their best Michael Jackson impersonations to dance along to the anthem of the undead known as "Thriller". The event was a HUGE success and the video link is right HERE -
Feel free to dance along but PLEASE...don't scare the neighbors - HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!



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