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Monday, August 5, 2013

Wizard World Chicago - THIS WEEKEND !!

Matt Boiselle

           Convention junkies in the Chicago area this weekend (August 8th-11th) listen up: if you want  incredible entertainment & celebrity sightings galore, then drag your tails on down to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center for WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO, and prepare to have your auditory & visual senses overloaded !

      In addition to the MULTITUDE of celebrity autograph opportunities, product displays and all other types of comic, TV, movie & video game goodness, we here at Zombies & Toys will be unearthing our distinguished corpse-in-charge: Jason to stand guard at our tomb and giveaway some killer Z&T swag but ONLY if you can locate him (don't tell anyone.....but he will be sporting a black backpack w/ a pink Z&T logo...but you didn't hear that from me.) - he will be in constant contact with our Facebook & Twitter pages, hanging out at different booths, and if you are luck enough to be clad in a zombie-themed shirt or going the extra mile in some zombie cosplay attire.....well then, there might be an extra surprise in it for you (Z.O.M.B.I.E. figures ?) - but the trick is, to find him...and he can be rather elusive...but not impossible to find. He will be stomping around the Convention Center on both Friday & Saturday so keep your FB eyes and Twitter fingers at the ready to score some great freebies, and maybe even rope Jason in for a pic to be posted on our site !

   For all pertinent information regarding the convention, feel free to head on over to,,  #wizardworld

  For all info and updates on Zombies & Toys participation in this weekend's Wizard World Chicago Comic con, check out our main page, or head on over to:

  In closing, we hope to see all fans at the show this weekend - have fun & be safe !!


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