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Friday, August 2, 2013

Marked for life......or death ?? Zombie tattoos all around !!

Matt Boiselle


    If the zombie outbreak has affected you as it has many of the masses, then you have shown love for the undead in a varying plethora of ways, Clothing, figures, DVDs are all excellent ways of letting the world know you love the hungry dead, but have you gone as far as to mark yourself for eternity with the colors of the deceased ?

   Feel free to check out this short grouping of some very devoted fans who have opted to go under the needle all in the name of the z-word - check them out !

  Bright & vibrant colors - no better way to highlight the blood & guts !

   Apparently, not even the Disney princesses are immune !

  Any chance Marvel could add this to the latest Spider-Man movie ?

      Gotta represent The Walking Dead as well.

           These last two hurt MY feet just looking at them !!

   If you want to see the complete collection, head on over to and bask in the beauty of the zombie loving groupies that have taken their obsession to the next level !

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