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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Watcha gonna do brother ?...when the zombies start feeding on you ??

Matt Boiselle


     Let's face facts people - there have been an endless parade of soldiers, police, renegades, prisoners....hell, even strippers that have faced off against the legions of the dead in what seems like a futile attempt to squash their uprising, whereas all have seemed to fail to some extent. Now, thanks to a very creative director by the name of Cody Knotts, the zombies have a true match on their rotted hands....only question is....WHAT kind of match will it be ?....Hardcore ?, Lumberjack perhaps,...or maybe a Buried Alive match ?

     Mr. Knotts has allowed us here at Zombies and Toys to present to you the trailer for his latest inception - entitled Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies....yep, you heard it right ! Starring a who's who list of some of the biggest and baddest bashers to ever step in the squared circle - names like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Shane Douglas & Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the odds now appear clearly stacked against the denizens of the dead. After checking out the trailer, this looks to be an extreme meshing of both the horror and pro wrestling worlds, one that will satisfy even the most picky of fans. A Spring 2014 release is scheduled, with a new trailer to be unleashed upon your orbital units this August, which we will keep firmly atop of, but for now, check out the video above to witness just a taste of the carnage, but beware....this swings like a steel chair towards your melon...but don't duck....EMBRACE it, and feel the pain !!!

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