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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Third book in Peter Clines' Ex-Heroes series

Dorothy Emry

Peter Clines, who brought you Ex-Heroes and Ex-Patriots, now has a third novel in the series: Ex-Communication. In this latest book, St. George, Stealth, Captain Freedom, and the rest of the heroes are finding it harder to keep Los Angeles’ last humans alive. One of their own seems to be losing it. Outside the safe survivor community of the Mount, their enemy Legion continues to find new ways to use zombies to attack them. A new religious group’s belief that the souls of the living still inhabit the undead is starting to complicate the task of those trying to exterminate the remaining zombies. And there may be anther threat, something ancient and evil that’s decided to throw itself into the fight.

Ex-Communication and Clines’ other books are available on Ex-Communication at Amazon. You can read more about the new book in Matt Staggs review at Ex-Communication review at


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