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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One (ahem) save us all !

Matt Boiselle

      Brad Pitt...Woody Harrelson...Ving Rhames...who says you need an atypical leading man in order to quell an impending holocaust of the zombie variety ? Just take a terminally ill teen who has NOTHING left to lose, infuse some of his technical weaponry craftsmanship know-how, and look out angry residents of the dead !
   Fresh off of a successful promotional campaign at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, "Super-Zero" still needs some assistance from YOU, the zombie-loving supporters. With an August 1st KickStarter deadline, the movie's funding stands at $12, 426 out of a needed $34,000 dollars in order to begin production. The story itself, according to Director Mitch Cohen, focuses on a 19 year old overweight named Josh Hershberg, a video gamer/recluse with a terminal case of brain cancer, and his realization that there isn't much to go on living for suddenly gets turned around when (tick-tock)...the zombies rise from the grave, and the apocalypse game clock has started.

   You see, Josh's affliction has its merits - the brain cancer acts as a sort of decoy to the zombies, they don't see a whole lot of activity upstairs, so they assume that he is already dead. He then utilizes his engineering wizardry to whip up some of the nastiest zombie-slaying armaments you've ever laid eyes upon. Cohen states that this isn't just another "hero" movie - our main character doesn't change who he is, or transform into some muscled up unrealistic protector...but what he does become is the savior of the world, and in essence, gives hope to the regular guy...the guy who gets overlooked in life....but manages to dispense massive quantities of pain to the undead in the process !

   If this seems like a movie that you would be interested in, won't you head on over to the official KickStarter page @ and donate what you can. As anyone knows that has visited a KS project page, you can score some awesome goodies with each level of donation put towards the specified project, so help out won't you ? If you also have the time, give the official "Super-Zero" Facebook page a gander @ and check out what could be a reality, but do it SOON - the project deadline is August 1st......or would you rather NOT have the world saved from zombies ?

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