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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Walking Dead - Zombiefied !!

Matt Boiselle


     Sure, you can go to ANY technical TV website and get little tidbit info about The Walking Dead, as it slowly beats your skull to sleep with data....(you're getting sleepy.....)....which is why it takes something new and different to WAKE YOU UP !!!!! Ever wanted to know just what a potential "walker" goes through in preparation for their stumble-on role for the show ?

    Head your rotten corpse on over to and check out what may be one of the coolest infographics anyone has put together EVER. The second you hit the site you get the slow, trodding image of a shambling zombie as your load screen, then get ready for some fun. You are placed on a page that looks as if you've just cracked open a fresh comic book page where as you scroll down, the walker begins his journey through zombie school....then makeup...wardrobe,
and final destination....the shooting set. All the while the page moves and graphics and sounds react (and there are designated play points where you can watch videos about each specific topic !) This has proven to be an exciting and innovative way to get your inside info about the creative production techniques the show employs in order to make each and every zombie top-notch in appearance.

   What in the name of Woodbury are you waiting for ?? Finish reading this article THEN head on over and check out the site - it's a MUST-SEE for any fan of the show, hats off to for their "Zombified" work - enjoy !!

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