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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gus Fink's BIG FUN STUFF Kickstarter

Gus Fink, an artist we here at Z&T love, has a kickstarter going right now to help him publish his first art book to showcase his weird, whimsical, wonderful creations. (Think Tim Burton meets alien Hello Kitty zombies and you’ll have some inkling where his imagination can take you.) You can learn more about Fink on his blog spot, “Out of the Fink Box,” but for starters check out his Kickstarter where you can see examples of his work and all the cool stuff you can get by making a pledge. The cool stuff includes original artwork, stuffed creations, and copies of the Big Fun Stuff art book.

Mini-drawing on a sugar packet for $5 pledge!
He needs to reach his goal By August 11 at 7:30pm EDT—17 days to go. Let’s make it happen! (Personally, I'm going for the $23 or more pledge so I can get one of the shiny fun robots.)

Dorothy Emry

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