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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Arnold set to "terminate" zombies in new film - 'Maggie'

Matt Boiselle

   Fresh off of his big-screen revival in the not-so-successful "The Last Stand", everyone's favorite Governator: Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to play the father of a teen slowly fading away to the zombie virus in the upcoming 'Maggie'.

    Schwarzennegger will play the patriarchal figure to a daughter that has been infected during the height of the zombie apocalypse, and the two set out in a desperate attempt to locate a cure. Chloe Moretz of the 'Carrie' remake was originally set to play the contaminated offspring, but has since dropped out with no named replacement as of yet (production delay anyone ?)  The film, being directed by first-timer Henry Hobson, should prove to be somewhat of a different approach to the whole rampant zombie storylines that we all have seen in the past - here it revolves around the father-daughter dynamic, and lets it be the main focal point with the apocalypse playing out in the background.

   The largest question that will be posed here for months before it's initial filming and subsequent release surely will be " can Arnold hold this movie together himself & make a strong selling point ?" Only time will tell, but Hobson plans to begin filming this fall, with a Summer 2014 release on the horizon. As usual, keep your eyes and ears tuned here to Zombies & Toys for all the latest news regarding this film as it breaks.......Hasta La Vista.....forgive me, I had to throw that one in there.


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