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Friday, June 14, 2013

Time to flash a little plastic: Walking Dead style !

Matt Boiselle

    Next time you're on that big date with either that girl you want to impress, or if you're footing the bill for one of those fat-cat executive luncheons, do you really wanna reach into your velcro-stripped wallet to pull out a few crumpled bills in order to foot the tab, or would you rather flash the plastic in style with one of the new Walking Dead debit cards ?


   Image Comics, the titleholder of the comics themselves, along with series artist Charlie Adlard, have released 7 differently themed designs for the bank-approved cards which are available by going to Just click on which card you want, fill out all applicable info & VOILA ! You are now a (debit) card carrying member of The Walking Dead plastic party, but don't go overboard with charging all kinds of stuff - it's one thing to deal with bankers chasing you down.....but an angry group of flesh-hungry zombies ?.....on second thought, I'd rather take my chances with the zombies.


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