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Saturday, June 22, 2013

REVIEW: Zombie Wills by Walker, Bleedum, and Payne

Natalie L.

Walker, Bleedum and Payne best idea … well not ever… cause I mean Zombies and Toys is the best idea ever but they are close in the running! 

So I needed to write this while it was fresh. Today I got my “unliving” will from Walker, Bleedum and Payne Zombie Law and estate planning.  I cannot say enough adjectives to tell you how fun and awesome it is! I not only got the fantastically hilarious paperwork for filling out my last will and testament in the case of a zombie apocalypse, but  I also got a SWEET folder to keep it in w/ the law firms name on it and some fun stickers for my car (If you see a white Honda crv with a ton of zombie stickers on it… yeah that is me). They also sent it via DeadEx which makes my heart feel super happy. 

Now,  hopefully we are all full of common sense and realize that is not a legal binding document nor is it a real law firm BUT I wish it was cause that would be AH …. Wait for it….. Mazing.  So check out the website and fill out your info and get one of these because: 1, you need to have your things in order just in case and 2, what zombie collection is complete without this document? So right now you, yes you… there on the bed on your laptop (or whatever you get it) go to this site,  like them on Facebook, and follow them on twitter @zombiewills.  

So much fun! Frame it, put it in a lock box, make copies and hand it out to your executors… the options are endless!   

G-nat out (yeah I am working on a tag line… seacrest isn’t the only one who can do that …)

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