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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Losing Residence? An Editorial on the tenuous present of Capcom’s undead hit.

In 1996, the world shook.  It trembled as a small town called Raccoon City felt the cold icy clutches of the undead.  History was made.  Players had never been so frightened, so unsettled and so terrified by a game as they were when consoles fired up with the doomed STARS team.  From the spooky announcer to the bloodshot eye, Resident Evil (RE) had left its mark forever.

The game pushed blood, gore and guts up a notch.  It brought ferocious enemies to gamers and it put players up against overwhelming odds complete with walking dead and bio-terrors.  The game ignited a whole series of books, toys and even films.  But like all great things, even the evil mechanisms of Umbrella must come to an end.  Resident Evil has suffered some harsh reviews and even harsher gaming failures. 

Over the next several posts, we’ll be taking a look at one of the greatest and longest running series in video game history.

 Zombies & Toys will look at RE’s brightly lit past and its possibly burned out future.  Feel free to join us and let us know your thoughts - Is Resident Evil is still hungry for brains or is the series falling dead from a headshot!

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