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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cannon Fodder: movie trailer

Matt Boiselle

   We here at Zombies & Toys are constantly scouring the vast wasteland of undead news in order to bring you, our loyal visitors, the latest and most interesting tidbits regarding anything that has do with flesh-munching madness in the mainstream, and right now...I present to you the newest trailer for the upcoming film Cannon Fodder.

    Fresh from the clutches of White Beach Productions comes the latest zombie outbreak to be slapped on celluloid - Cannon Fodder is about a renegade Israeli Special Forces unit that is dispatched into the depths of Southern Lebanon in order to flush out and capture one of Hezbollah's biggest terrorist threats, but run into a colossal problem - not only is the Special Forces Unit left to deal with rogue soldiers and multiple IDF attacks, but they also must contend with a massive zombie outbreak. While there isn't a definitive release date set as of yet, there are multiple screening dates being offered just by hopping on over to - but first, you have to check out the trailer above - this looks too good to pass up - So watch on and enjoy the carnage !

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