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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Walking Dead Teddy Bear girl: life-size statue available for pre-order

Matt Boiselle

   Are you a fan of The Walking Dead ? Are you looking for that unusual collectible from the show to add to your stash of goodies ? Or do you just want that one item to stick in your doorway that will inevitably result in extensive therapy sessions for your children or mailman ?

   Entertainment Earth is currently taking pre-orders for the anticipated September 2013 release of a life-sized statue depicting the teddy bear zombie girl that Sheriff Grimes dispatched so quickly in the first episode of the first season of The Walking Dead. Although such a quick demise suffered for this little cutie, she has been forever linked to the unparalleled success of the hit AMC show. This awesome reproduction stands 55 inches tall and comes equipped with sound and motion sensors which will trigger multi-directional movement and sound clips ! Price stands at 219.00 for this statue and will ship in September 2013 - so pony up the bucks and get ready to scare the CRAP out of your guests this Halloween !

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