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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4 - time to go to zombie school !

Matt Boiselle

    Is it creeping in your veins yet ? Making you feel as if you are ready to start clawing at your skin until you get clumps of wet, bloody flesh under your fingernails ? Are you jonesing for that ever-elusive fix of anything pertaining to The Walking Dead: Season 4 ? Then settle in, fellow zombie minions, and behold at the great special FX creator, Greg Nicotero as he acts as Headmaster in a class that will hone the skills of any walker wannabe.

   Have you dreamed of becoming one of the shambling, stumbling, roaming undead that patrols the vast expanses of the insanely popular Walking Dead TV show ? Well you can't be just any common zombie with a limp and a shuffle, no no no !! You must participate and study the ways of the re animator Shaman himself in hopes of perfecting your ambulatory aptitude. The Zombie school is held each year before initial filming on that season's show begins, so that there are no "unschooled" undead to speak of, so click on the video link, and maybe you can learn a thing or two, and who knows, by the time next season rolls around, you could have the stuff to put on display for The Walking Dead: Season 5 !

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