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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black: novel trailer

Matt Boiselle

    Any die-hard e-readers out there looking for that latest book that will make your blood run cold, and give you the feeling as if a hand beyond the grave is assisting you with the turn of each page as you read by candlelight ? The latest novel by Author & Artist E.B. Hudspeth will take you back in time to the year 1870, and put you front and center with Dr. Spencer Black, the son of a "resurrectionist" (fancy title for a grave-robber), and his scientific (and slightly skewed) hypothesis - what if the mythological creatures of yesteryear, such as mermaids, minotaurs & satyrs, were the true evolutionary ancestors of all mankind ?

    This fascinating proposal is split up into two books, while the first is a fictional biography of Dr. Black, the second - entitled The Codex Extinct Animalia, which acts as a sort of reference guide that details all mythological beasts including dragons, centaurs, Pegasus & Cerberus. All are rendered in finely intricate black and white illustrations, which clearly depict the scribblings of a certifiable lunatic. If you are currently weighing whether or not to give this a read, feel free to check out the teaser trailer for the book itself below and click the pic at the top of the article to be taken to QuirkBooks website, it will be available on e-format May 21st for $24.95, and promises to be a head-first dive into the gray matter of a man who should have been locked behind bars long ago simply due to his maniacal thoughts....or should he ? We here at Zombies and Toys will be posting a review of this in the near future so be on the lookout as soon as it is made available.

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