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Monday, May 6, 2013

(REC)4: Apocalypse - Latest Teaser Poster has been unleashed !!

Matt Boiselle

  Fans waiting to press the (Rec) button in order to watch some infected goodness will be overly pleased with the release today of the teaser poster & trailer for the latest installment of the Spanish-Zombie series - this one titled (REC)4: Apocalypse - and this one looks to be shedding some serious blood, and will focus on a main character from the first movie itself.

    Angela Vidal, the reporter who piggybacked the fireman into the apartment building in (REC), has mysteriously re-emerged from the structure, apparently unharmed. Unknown to her rescuers, she still carries a strain of the infection in her bloodstream while she is carted off to a remodeled oil tanker acting as as a quarantine facility, in order to serve out a mandatory waiting period for any and all survivors of the catastrophe.

   Feel free to check out the teaser trailer below for a little sneak-peek at the chaos that will ensue, and as always, stick tight here to Zombies & Toys for all the latest news on this killer sequel.


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