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Friday, May 17, 2013

Max Brooks: "World War Z - movie only in title and that's it"

Matt Boiselle

    With the impending release of the much-hyped Brad Pitt zombie film, World War Z, many moviegoers have pondered whether the movie will be just like the book or not. According to the man responsible for the multi-million copy selling author Max Brooks "only in title, and that's it" - sharp and decisive words for the man who put the idea in motion, many believe.

    Brooks was recently interviewed at Mansfield University about the upcoming movie, and while he knew they were going to rewrite it, he understood that there would also be a million changes made from book to celluloid. All one would have to do is check out any news items on this film and read multiple reports of script changes and re-shot scenes, but if the truth is entirely infallible, will it all be worth it when all's said and done ?

  Brooks had been invited to read the script after it's initial shooting, but he refused
"I said: Why would I read this? This is not the movie you're going to make," Brooks said. "You're going to do rewrites and re shoots. That's what happens when you make a giant movie.
"My attitude is if you haven't invited me in to contribute, then fine. Go make the movie you want to make and I'll see it when it comes out." - at least he is taking a hard-line stance on his decision, and I honestly cannot blame him for that in any instance.

   Brooks main concern is that fans of the book could potentially see some of their favorite moments changed drastically or removed completely once they check it out in theaters. He simply offers fans to " treat both the book and the movie as two separate things." - So the question here is, are you going into this with a wide open mind, willing to accept change....or will you beat this movie down for its potentially radical swerving of the storyline ?

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