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Friday, May 17, 2013

German man invents zombie-killing crossbow

Matt Boiselle

    Crazy ? No...inventive and obviously prepared for the upcoming apocalypse ? Without a doubt !! Joerg Sprave, host of The Slingshot Channel on YouTube, has created a weapon out of spare M-16 parts that will not only act as a killer line of defense against the undead, but a weapon that would make any survivalist green with envy.

   This modified crossbow, powered by a large rubber band, will be able to propel bolts at an alarmingly powerful (and extremely silent) rate. This awesome slaying tool is only in its initial phase of creation, as Sprave promises to to more tweaking and hopes to have a multi-fire version in the future - check out his YouTube video below for a more intricate look into this weapon of undead destruction, and prepare to save your pennies for a down payment !


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