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Friday, May 17, 2013

First trailer released for The Dead 2: India

Matt Boiselle

    With the insane success on the home theater market for The Ford Brothers' first zombie movie released in 2010 titled: The Dead, about the perspective of an outbreak in the African countryside, comes the Ford's latest entry, The Dead 2: India, and we have the trailer right here !!

   The story follows American engineer Nicholas Burton and his desperate attempt to make it across a zombie-infested wasteland smack-dab in the middle of India to rescue his pregnant girlfriend Ishani Sharma. He enlists the aid of street-smart orphan to help him navigate the busy streets in a 300-mile trek that at points seem literally impassable. The zombies look to have the same creative makeup as the ones in the first movie, so it would seem as if this will act as either a continuation piece, or a storyline that runs parallel to the events in the first movie. While there hasn't been a definitive release date put out to the public just yet, all we have to set our eyes on is this killer trailer, so watch on and delve into the madness that is The Dead 2: India.

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