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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Detention of the Dead: zombies staying after school ?

Matt Boiselle

   Anyone that has gotten into trouble (past or present) in High School and was forced to suffer the indignity of detention probably wished ANYTHING would happen in order to make the time spent behind closed doors more interesting. A fire alarm, a rousing game of paper football.....a zombie outbreak.....wait....

    Attacking your TV screens in On-Demand format this June 18th comes Detention of the Dead - a comedy that will fuse both troublemaking teens & bloodthirsty zombies in a movie that would have made The Breakfast Club run and hide under their desks for certain. Director Alex Mann has put together a story of a group of deviants spending time in High School incarceration when their solitary time becomes undead dinner time as some of the classmates turn into stark raving mad flesh-eaters. Boasting a line up that consists of Alexa Nikolas (The Walking Dead), Christa B. Allen (Revenge), Justin Chon (21 and Over), and Max Adler (Glee) - this movie will hopefully possess the ability to entertain on a zom-com level, but only time will tell - hit the video link for the trailer and judge for yourself.


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