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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Walking Dead Series 4: New Figures Images

Matt Boiselle

      If you were one of the millions that are currently going through some kind of withdrawal after last Sunday's The Walking Dead Season 3 finale, and are wondering what can be done to pass the time until the new season cranks up in October, look no further than action figure creator Todd McFarlane's latest bunch of "plastic gold" hitting the shelves this September.

     Series 4 of the insanely popular Walking Dead figures are currently in pre-order, and this set looks to be a massive hit as the last groups were. We start off the collection with every one's favorite soccer-dad turned psycho, the main masochist of Woodbury, The Governor - he comes complete with his signature vest and khaki pants, hip holster w/ pistol & hunting knife, and will offer an alternate head without an eye patch.

  Next up is who I've preferred to call "The Zombie Apocalypse's Mattress Tester".....or public relations assistant Andrea - she comes complete with a pistol & leg holster, sniper rifle & a pitchfork that was pilfered from Herschel's farm. If you weren't a big fan of her in the show, you could always buy the figure and yell at her for making all of those bad choices.

   The next figure in the lineup is the "I'll shoot now, and DON'T ask me any questions later" new resident bad-ass killer, Carl Grimes - Sheriff Rick's little boy with a sniper's attitude will be sporting his Daddy's hat, and comes with a hunting knife, a prison medical bag, and cellblock keys.....just don't look for his Father's badge....he threw it down !!



   You didn't think this lineup would be without walkers, did you ? Not only do we have two shambling flesh-eaters, but these denizens of the dead are former prison guards at that, and are fitted in head to toe tactical gear (each sold separately) - the Riot-Gear Zombie has a flip-up plexi shield on his helmet and Maggie's knife to shove into his skull, and the Gas-Mask Zombie has a mask that can be pulled off to reveal a gnarly looking skull.


    Rounding out the Series 4 collection is a Dixon Brothers 2-pack featuring two of the entire series' most sought after figures, them good-old boys, Daryl & Merle - Daryl comes with signature crossbow, hunting knife, fire & pick axes, and prison keys. Merle is armed with an assault rifle, pistol, hunting knife, and his infamous prosthetic bayonet attachment.

    These figures are currently in pre-order status, with an expected street date of September 2013, and we here at Zombies & Toys have you covered - head on into our store and get your Walking Dead figure fix filled.....because Season 4 in October seems SO far away right now.

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