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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Should we start calling him "General" Brooks ?

Matt Boiselle

    We all here in the good old USA can rest assured that we have the strongest military forces in the world, and when certain trouble arises we know that our branches of defense will rise to the occasion and protect the country that they love so dear....but when circumstances occur that may not be of the normal...well, that's when the BIG GUNS need to be called upon to step forward and issue their guidance.

   The U.S. Army recently had a hurricane response rehearsal this last week at Fort Sam Houston in Texas, and recruited the services of Max Brooks, author of the wildly popular World War Z & The Zombie Survival Guide, to come in and speak to the leaders about preparation for varying disasters. Brooks, who has a massive following in the military, spoke at length about proper preparation techniques in advance of differing catastrophes, including a zombie apocalypse. He isn't a stranger to addressing the armed forces, as he has already headlined two different speaking engagements with the Naval War College regarding similar issues. " you have young people being interested in being prepared, being 'tricked into' taking care of themselves, really, because even if the zombie apocalypse does not happen, they will be ready for the next hurricane or next disaster," Brooks said - and who better to lead us in to World War Z, than the man who penned the book on it !

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