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Monday, April 8, 2013

REVIEW: Best New Zombie Tales Volume 3 by James Roy Daley

Sara Ross

Short stories have always been a favorite of mine.  They are easy to read, even when busy and time is at a premium.  They offer the same satisfaction as a novel, in a more compact format.  The author is challenged with carefully choosing words to convey ideas, descriptions, and plots while not having the space and luxury to ramble--every word must be carefully selected and placed.  Often, the reader is left with a little bit of suspense at the end of a short story; there is the opportunity to wonder what happens next, or where the story would have gone had there been five or fifty more pages.  A recent volume of short stories I read was BEST NEW ZOMBIE TALES VOLUME THREE.

James Roy Daley has compiled and edited his third volume of twenty short stories with a zombie theme. BEST NEW ZOMBIE TALES VOLUMES 1 and 2 (reviewed here) were released back to back in 2010, and Volume 3 followed soon after in 2011.  The newest volume includes short works of fiction by different authors.  Many of the stories have been previously published in magazines or other anthologies, but two are original for this collection.  The variety of fiction selected by Daley is nice; each story is quite different from the others (aside from the overarching zombie theme) in length, writing style, and tone.  Even the views and presentations of zombies are different from tale to tale--various causes for corpses becoming zombies and different actions by said zombies are included.  Whether you want a funny story about one of the last human survivors of the zombie outbreak enjoying her bingo games or a more serious novella about the treatment of zombies who return after the world has moved on without them, there is a short story in this collection for you.

Grab your copy of either BEST NEW ZOMBIE TALES VOLUME THREE or the entire TRILOGY by clicking the links below. And don't forget to swing by the BOOKS OF THE DEAD website for all of your other horror fiction needs!

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