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Sunday, April 7, 2013

New World War Z Poster - Just missing one thing.....ZOMBIES !!

Matt Boiselle

   The buzz for the upcoming feature film World War Z has been nothing short of titanic (good correlation huh ?) - and with each new passing trailer and TV spot that we are teased with, the ever-mounting question seems to be growing to a fever pitch... and that question is "Can we PLEASE get a closer look at the zombies ?"

   There are a couple schools of thought here as we focus on the latest international poster above with the hero-at-large, Brad Pitt, as he stares at a city in ruin out the back of a personnel transport carrier plane - and one way to look at it is, the studio has NO intention of giving us that all-important close up shot of the zombies yet. Come on, we are all planning on seeing it anyways, right ? - I'm fairly sure that the studio knows this for certain, so why not keep it a mystery. Other than the fact that these zombies resemble some sort of psychotic, turbo ant-pile when grouped together in mass quantities, the odds of individualizing them looks to be a non-factor. (Personally, I like the idea of the guessing game.)

    The other way of looking at it could be the marketability factor, the studio sees Brad Pitt as it's major selling point, so why push the notion any further than it already is ? Any way you slice it, the movie will be a colossal success, much as the book has been, and the studio will do its duty to keep us salivating until it's release on June 21st. Will this suffice to all of our faithful lovers of the flesh-eaters ? Sound off and let us know what you think - we here at Zombies & Toys will be on top of this movie and all of its gory news until it smacks us all in the skull this Summer.

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