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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Prepare for a State of Emergency on April 16th

Matt Boiselle

    Finally, what looks like a new zombie film with some TEETH ( bad pun intended), will be available to the home theater groupies this April ! State Of Emergency, directed by Turner Clay, takes place in a small mid western town, where an explosion at a nearby chemical facility releases deadly toxins into the air, causing its residents to turn into infected, flesh-craving zombies.

    The story itself centers around a character named Jim, who after the explosion and subsequent contagion that has spread to the population, has been forced to stay inside the "red zone" by the military that has quarantined the area. His fight for survival while a cure is attempted to be created will be a long and violent one that will surely test his resolve.

    This movie was actually filmed in 2010, but will finally see the light of day on DVD this April 16th, 2013 - so until then, feel free to click on the video link to check out the killer trailer and ask yourself...."could I survive under a State Of Emergency ?"

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