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Monday, March 25, 2013

Latest World War Z poster: bringing down the chopper !

Matt Boiselle

        What seemed like a far-reaching dream now appears to be getting closer with every new nugget of undead information. World War Z, the movie adaptation of Author Max Brooks best-selling novel, is gaining some serious steam towards its June 21st theatrical release date and feeding ravenous zombie fans a heaping helping of rage-infected goodness !

       The latest piece of info has materialized in the latest poster advertising the movie itself. It shows the throngs of psychotic flesh-munchers swarming over the top of an overturned automobile and leaping to cling onto an attack helicopter, bringing it to a seemingly destined downspin.

    If the poster hasn't made you want to run out right now and stand in line at the movie theater (okay, so you would be waiting a little while), you can always click on the above video link to check out the latest trailer for the movie and get ready to start drooling heavily. World War Z opens in theaters on June 21st, and we here at Zombies & Toys will be keeping you up to date with the latest information as it comes along.

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