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Friday, March 1, 2013

BBC Series In The Flesh: Trailer available NOW !

Matt Boiselle

   The BBC has just released it's newest trailer for their upcoming zombie-themed show called In The Flesh, and it looks as if "zombie- rehab" could be the next big thing to take over the airwaves.

    The show, scheduled to hit overseas tellys on March 17th, tells the story of a teen named Kieren (who by the way is a flesh-munching zombie), and the trials and tribulations that he must go through while partaking in the British Government's ordered "zombie-rehabilitation". Kieren has been labeled a victim of P.D.S (partially dead syndrome) and needs to be restructured to re-enter society, unaware that he will be thrown back into the mix with the families and friends of people that he has "consumed" in order to sustain his hunger for flesh while playing for the dead team.

   For a quickie- 1 minute trailer peek, click on the pic above and get ready to be sent to rehab...good thing is Dr. Drew isn't hosting this show.

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