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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Zombie Cage Fighter Invades AMC's Comic Book Men

Matt Boiselle

     The undead have answered the bell for round 2 ! The largely popular independent comic book Zombie Cage Fighter, created by former UFC fighter Nate " Rock " Quarry, has sprung up again - this time making an appearance on AMC TV's hit show Comic Book Men.

      On the show this past Thursday night, Nate stopped by the guys' shop and asked if they were interested in carrying his comic - the fellas agreed, but only if Nate could arrange a UFC-style cage fight between two costumed characters representing Jay & Silent Bob. All parties were in attendance including Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes, who both had great interest in watching their MMA dopplegangers kicking the crap out of each other - I won't ruin the rest for you if you haven't seen it yet, but trust me..its very interesting !

    Nate also sat down with AMC to discuss the origins of his comic, where you can check out just by clicking on the pic of Ming Chen getting choked out, and then hit the link to read the interview I had with Nate myself this past summer when the comic was first slated to hit the shelves. If you haven't done so, also head on over to and grab an issue of this killer comic itself, along with awesome shirts, decals and lots of other goodies - ENJOY !

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