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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Evil Dead the Musical in Stunning 4D… doesn’t get any more real than that


So, you have heard about the live actors at shows like Rocky Horror, the huge cult following and people dressing up. Well, let me turn you on to an even more epic show that will not only entertain you, but cover you in fake blood and make you laugh as well as remind you why you love horror in the first place!

This amazing, fun show is Evil Dead the musical (the ultimate 4D experience) and right now it is running in Vegas, which might seem a little far for some; but really, for an event this epic--and with tax money on its way--why not plan a little vacation and head on over.

How many times are you going to get a chance to see Ash attacked by his own hand LIVE right in front of you AND potentially get sprayed with his blood? Granted it is not Bruce, but this Ash is just as epic.

 You can check out this video  just to get a taste then you can follow the action here on Facebook. For more info you can go here  to check out show times, pricing and location. Soon I will be coming back to you with an interview from the director of this masterpiece!  So keep your eyes peeled but in the meantime get your butt to Vegas and see this epic cult classic in 4D (with no silly glasses even)!


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  2. Saw it in Toronto 3 times. (including the Anniversary show)
    I wish it was back here...
    My friend saw it in 3 venues in the city.
    I also only saw the Toxic Avenger musical once - which I regret.
    Looking forward to the Night of the Living Dead here in Toronto.

  3. I saw this in NYC in Fall 2006. I that point I had never seen an Evil Dead movie and this show was epic, I was covered head to toe in stage blood and immediately became a huge fan of the series!


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